Silva backs Mitrovic to complete eight-match ban

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Fulham boss Marco Silva will have Aleksandar Mitrovic back to help the team again. After the 8-match ban was released, everyone in the club leaned. Continue to support this comeback. But may have a slight headache because Carlos Vinicius also shows good form.

Fulham manager Marco Silva has confirmed that The UFABET club continues to support Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrovic. After going through a difficult period, he lost the right to play up to 8 matches due to aggressive behavior towards the referee. But this time referred to a flat penalty returned to be an important force for the team. And it is expected that there may be a real name in the Premier League away match. Southampton Saturday May 13

Silva backs Mitrovic to complete eight-match ban

The 28-year-old striker was angered after referee Chris Kavanaugh showed Willian a red card for intentionally handballing. To the point that another set of arms were used to slam and yell. Until being misplaced by another Samba teammate in the FA Cup final 8 game, the team lost to Manchester United 1-3 on Sunday, March 19th. lead to severe punishment from English Football Association or FA

45-year-old head coach, who also received a two-match ban in this game came out and said, “It’s difficult. I won’t hide from you guys. His demeanor was very good throughout this period. with support from ourselves It’s a strong feeling for us. It might be an exaggeration. We accept as a club that You can’t react like that, obviously, he admits mistakes, but the number of games if you compare it to other situations. completely different We as a club are still going strong. And we continue to support him.

Carlos Vinicius has impressed in the absence of Mitrovic , scoring two goals in his last three games, and Silva said the return of Serb spearhead gave him a lot of headaches because I don’t know who to send to be the real one But it’s a situation every manager wants to face. because there will be many players who show good form to use

“This is what every head coach wants. That’s why we signed Carlos, some important goals gave him a lot of confidence and it’s good to see him getting better and better. like in the last game to show that Everyone knows their duties. Everyone fights for the club, added the Portuguese boss before leading the team to the Saints this weekend.