Revealed why yellow players were happy after Bellingham left the team

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Revealing the reason why Borussia Dortmund players feel very happy. After seeing England midfielder Jude Bellingham move to Real Madrid this summer

  Reports claim that Borussia Dortmund players were delighted to see. Jude Bellingham leave the club for Real Madrid earlier in the summer. The England international left the German club to join the White House army. With an initial cost of 88.5 million pounds. When combined with the add-ons that are included in the deal. It is estimated that the price of this footballer should be in excess of 100 million pounds.

Revealed why yellow players were happy after Bellingham left the team

         Borussia Dortmund missed out on winning the Bundesliga for the first time in more than a decade on the final day of the season. Which should have been a memorable farewell to the ufabet club for the 20-year-old after. Three years have passed. He originally moved from boyhood club Birmingham City to Germany in 2020 as a 17-year-old. With the Blues even retiring his shirt number. After his passing with great consequences. Big built with the club Many people may feel that the dressing room can lose their morale. When losing a key player moves on. But that may not be the case with Bellingham.

         In a report published by BILD, it is claimed that players previously shared a dressing room. Bellingham were delighted to see the English midfielder leave.  The main source of dissatisfaction seems to be his propensity to be the center of attention. As it was claimed he would wait until the rest of his teammates thanked the fans. Finished before he stepped forward to receive a single round of applause.

         Many believe the former Birmingham City star felt he was under. Erling Haaland ‘s shadow during the 2021/22 season and was not getting the praise he felt he deserved at the time. As a result, many felt that this affected his behavior in the future. The cause of his desire for individual appreciation. Lingham, which upset many in the team. It is said that he often gets in a bad mood when he is at the club. And sometimes behaving badly with other players

Team players believe Bellingham’s ego was unusually high during his time at the club, with replacement. Marcel Sabitzer lauded for the way he dealt with himself during his short time. At Dortmund Sabitzer spent half of the last season playing for Manchester United United on loan. It is said to act professionally. Which will make his new teammates happy. Many believed that his leadership skills were not up to standard.

         As one example of controversy during a Europa League defeat to Rangers two seasons ago. Bellingham is believed to have told team-mate Nico Schulz. You’re going to make a bad pass . not like that sir it really sucks Every time. In addition, they also believe that Emre Chan, the new captain of the team. Become a player who is very much liked among the team. And who is much more suitable to wear the armband.