Muay Thai boxing vocabulary that online gamblers should know before starting to gamble

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Online Muay Thai gamblers should know about boxing terminology before starting to bet. In order to make watching the win is more fun than ever. and what will it be that should be known Let’s see.

  • Secondary – a gamblers who likes to play secondary boxing.
  • The vice’s favorite – a boxer who is the underdog but can turn back and win
  • Weapon Storage – Defense, weapon or attack of the opponent.
  • Placing the shin – means kicking.
  • Change of serving – is that the boxing price has flipped in the other corner.
  • Torn bag – gamble until exhausted
  • Plowing – means grabbing an opponent’s leg and pushing it down. like a person who is plowing
  • Injection – that is UFABET, the boxer is inferior. But if they can win, they will receive an injection of money from the boxing masters.
  • Bill Check – Means that the boxer makes bets on the boxer, the loser pays because he knows that the boxer can’t fight.
  • Dressing slowly – means it takes a long time to cover your knees.
  • Withdrawal after falling – is a boxer who focuses on moving forward.
  • Puncture the tire – kick off the leg.
  • Leaking tires – being kicked to the point of being unable to stand.
  • Keep symptoms – getting hit by an opponent’s weapon, but not showing symptoms.
  • Priceless – A boxing that wins is lacking and no price comes out to bet until the end of the match.
  • Muandee Tee Si-Five – A good boxer until knowing that the referee will give points, round four, round five
  • Left side of the bar – kicking and punching weapons left-handed only
  • Lift stage – A fighter who is performing well until the promoter has to meet. Boxing with a better boxing class
  • Bones of different numbers – different classes of boxing
Muay Thai boxing vocabulary that online gamblers should know before starting to gamble

all of which It’s a boxing term. that people like boxing should know because it will help make watching boxing More fun than ever And we really hope that this article will be helpful. to all of you