Mourinho urges his team to dive and take penalties after home defeat to Atalanta

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Jose Mourinho, Roma manager Advised his team to dive for a penalty after being referred to a red card in Serie A last night. where his team opened the nest, narrowly defeated Atalanta 1-0

Roma manager Jose Mourinho has urged his players to start falling. After he was sent off during the 1-0 defeat to Atalanta in Serie A last night (Sunday 18 September 2022), the Portuguese coach was deeply displeased. After Roma didn’t take a penalty from Nicolo Zaniolo’s clash with Caleb Ocoli, his team didn’t fall into the box. 

Mourinho urges his team to dive and take penalties after home defeat to Atalanta

 The 59-year-old came on the pitch in the 54th minute to protest against the referee after his objection not to award the penalty at the Stadio Olimpico, forcing his staff to Hurry up and stop it And he was shown a red card by referee Daniele Chiffee, which was not the first time ‘The Special One’ was sent off from the sidelines during his stay at Roma. In this game, the Portuguese coach was heavily criticizing the referee. And pointed out that his players needed to dive to get a penalty.

  According to Football Italia , Mourinho said: “There was a very clear penalty. After that I asked the judge why. And ask him to clarify to me that it’s because Zaniolo didn’t fall. “So I have to change my advice to my players. I had to tell them not to try to stand still, not to play ball, to be a clown the way many people who dive like in the pool do in this league. because it is obvious how you will be punished.”

   Roma are sixth in Serie A after a defeat in which Giorgio Scalvini scored the game’s only goal. Mourinho’s side received bad news ahead of the game, with Paulo Dybala injured in the warm-up. This means he must be replaced by Nemanja Matic in the starting lineup. When evaluating this game after the whistle has expired, Mourinho said he felt Roma played well enough to win the game.

   He said: “It’s bad because we lost a game that we should have easily won. considering the way we play.” (The last area in front of the door) where there are many opportunities. We can speculate that when Paul was on the pitch it might have been different.” The players on the pitch played well enough to easily win the UFABET game. But unfortunately we couldn’t score. And that’s why we lost. ” But it was a good performance and a good spirit.’ We didn’t dominate over Monza or Cremonese to play here for 90 minutes the way we did with Atalanta.

Mourinho also defended Tammy Abraham, although the England forward missed a good chance in the first half. He said: “Tammy is an extraordinary kid who wants to do well and hurts when he doesn’t do well. He was slightly injured. Many games that are not playing well It wasn’t a good time for him. The vanguard is like that. They have to go through these times.” “But there was no criticism. He is still a good boy and a great professional. He wants to learn and improve.