Lampard believes the first three points Taffy hit game Hammer is very important

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Everton boss Frank Lampard says winning the first game is important to the team. The reason indicates the result of hard work, even in the past, the UFABET team has shown good form. But the results of the competition are not satisfactory.

Lampard believes the first three points Taffy hit game Hammer is very important

Everton manager Frank Lampard admits that winning the first game is considered very important It shows what the team deserves for their hard work and a fact that is clearly seen after the Blue Taffy. Open the nest to beat West Ham United 1-0 in a narrow way on Sunday, September 18 at the past.

The game at Goodison Park, the home team, who have drawn 4, lost 2, have yet to win. Want to collect the first three points in front of the fans in the nest And they succeeded with a goal from new striker Neil Mopay in the 53rd minute, bringing the team to 7 points to rank 13th in the table at this time. As a result, the situation of the team relieves a lot of pressure.

good trainer Came out after the game with relief that “It’s really important because it’s a clear fact. In the past when you played well but didn’t get what you thought you deserved. The performance in the table doesn’t look very good. For the team’s confidence that comes from their hard work and spirit should lead to victory. We’re starting to fix some things. We are a team that is harder to beat. We rarely lose goals. it’s awesome especially before taking a break Because it gives confidence to both the players and the club. and it is a victory that we feel We deserve it in the house.”

In addition, Lampard also revealed that the team is now ranked 13th and there is a real hope that will be able to move in a better direction There is still a lot of work to do in the future. Especially during the break for the national team for about two weeks. Before returning to kick again and hope that the team will get a better performance.

For Everton will come back to play again in the away league game. Southampton On Saturday October 1, before the hard work in the next two games. That is, open the nest to visit Manchester United on Monday 10 October and visit Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday 15 October, where both rival teams are doing a great job.