Arteta is not stubborn this year. Guns have to fight for the league title.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has said that his goal is to stay at the top of the table. Until the end of the season to win the league title. After the team’s unbeaten strength, Brentford returned to the lead again.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said he was pleased with the response of his players. He want to return to the top of the league table. And it is a goal that must be achieved until the end of the season. After returning a good form to beat Brentford to the local area 3-0 until back up to the crowd again. In the English Premier League on Sunday, September 18 at the past.

Arteta is not stubborn this year. Guns have to fight for the league title.

Two weeks ago , the Gunners defeated Manchester United 3-1, losing the first game of the season, stopping at 15 points until this week, being overtaken by Manchester City and Tottenham . Bring on the table on Saturday Before overtaking successfully back to the crowd when they got 3 more points in the away game at Brentford Community Stadium 

spanish trainer Came out for an interview after the game about the championship situation, stating: “You can ask me every day. Today we are the leader of the herd. I am very happy. Yesterday (Saturday) I was very upset because we fell. And we use that to want to go back and show that we want to be there. That’s what we’re going to do. push as best as you can that’s the aim The table will not lie after 38 games.”

At the same time, the big guns also came out to show their impression of the UFABET team who came to win because the last season, the London team defeated the 0-2 deadly bee , pointing out that it was not easy to invade to win at this But the team dominated the game well in this match. Last season the team had a bad game. This is the creation of the character of the team. We had a lesson and can develop the team

For Arsenal still doing a great job in the league game. Came back to win the 6th match, losing only one game. After this, there will be a break for the national team for about two weeks. and will return for two key games as they prepare to host Spurs in a London derby match on Saturday October 1 and a visit to Liverpool on Sunday.