A clip of Haland Bully Jonny during a sailing game goes viral

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Wolverhampton Wanderers’ new Manchester City forward Erling Haland has been released. And Wolverhampton Wanderers defender Jonny Castro Otto has been released. Wanderers Until losing a mess during the Premier League game last night.

 From last night’s Premier League game. There is a clip showing Erling Haaland visibly intimidating Jonny Castro Otto during the game. Manchester City ‘s offensive line, Haaland continues to score goals,. Including last night’s game when he netted one goal in the team’s 3-0 victory over the Reds. Wolverhampton Wanderers The match at Molineux Stadium became the 11th Premier League goal of the UFABET season. And it was his 14th goal in all competitions.

A clip of Haland Bully Jonny during a sailing game goes viral

    After delivering the net in the 16th minute, Haaland was still a dangerous player in the game and caused great suffering for Jonny’s life. The relatively small Spanish defender has been in charge of the Norwegian star, and the 22-year-old has made everyone aware of his presence by bullying Jonny during his time off the ball. He easily shied away from articulation during Manchester City’s offensive line-up, and clips of Haaland and Jonny were widely discussed amongst the fans. Because trying to stop Haaland at full speed is like trying to stop a steam locomotive . And we can see Johnny, who is 175 cm tall, is easily pushed by the owner of 195 cm tall.

    Fans who saw the clip were all saying something like, “He makes them look like children”, “Imagine we have to follow him hahaha”, “Tears will flow so we can see the defenders start to fall”, “He is a real threat”, ” This guy will smash every record available. How terrifying is it to stop him?”, “Cheat Code”, “A true defender’s nightmare. This might be a foul, but look at his pace, his intensity, his aggression”, “He’s truly Haaland Bully”.

 The 22-year-old has proven that he has the strength, speed and intelligence beyond any Premier League defender. Most leagues will cope. It was reported last month that rival Premier League managers The league has discussed how to stop the young striker. One coach is believed to have said Haland was “ like an alien… Stronger, taller, faster than anything we’ve seen before,” Wolves boss Bruno Laj. Probably thought the same after watching Haaland bully his defender last night.

 The Norwegian moved from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City for £51million in June. And soon referred to as being able to prove that it can be very successful in the Premier League as well. August’s Player of the Month has scored 11 Premier League goals in his first seven appearances, helping Manchester City rise to the top of the table ahead of Sunday’s game.