Pete's Pies, AVL



About Pete

Born & raised in London, Pete began cooking alongside his Mum at the wee age of 10. Many of the recipes found on our menu were used to feed his 8 siblings, & many are new variations that Pete has developed over his years as a home chef and in collaboration with our Executive and Sous Chefs.

Opening a restaurant has always been a lifelong dream of Pete's.  After moving to Asheville to be closer to his 2 boys, he found a food-&-beer-loving community that was only missing one thing - a true British pub!   

Come meet the man himself--he's thrilled to be bringing a little piece of England across the pond to you.

Photo by Gayle Tiller Photography

About our sous chef

Sous Chef Christian Kerwin joined Pete’s Pies in January 2017. A native of Florida, he and his wife moved to Asheville about a year and a half ago and like most Asheville-transplants, have fallen in love with the area.

Christian has been cooking most of his life, since he could “see over the stove” in fact and specializes in ethnic cuisines such as Asian, Indian and Latin but is excited to be taking on the traditions of Great Britain - with a twist (can you say, Curry Chicken Pie anyone?).

We are also very excited to have him aboard! 

Photo by Gayle Tiller Photography